Be  Careful

Be careful what you thirst for

It may just drown you

Time has come to swim above this crashing

A wet collective of wave runners

Pushing eagerly against the culture

Creating superficial faces of success

Instead of glamorizing inner glory and ambition

Talent ignored for price tags

Passion bumped for posers

A rat pack of children dressed as zombies

Slugging their loneliness around masked by luxury labels

Laughing at the struggling artists for struggling

But we indeed have the last laugh

When their stolen looks fade

Their charisma is surpassed

And their lack of skill revealed

So we must change the face of our future’s success

Stare in the mirror and change what we see

Showcase real people behind the deceiving shadows

Shadows of dark humans with holes in their hearts

Hiding behind Helmut and withering beneath Wang
Playing pretend in a man made monitor of theatric lies
Filthy fingers enslaved and enchanted by the magic of hype

Sitting in chrome boxes blinded by the screen of an iPhone

Dancing in circles of false friends for the sake of an image

Man, fuck that bullshit

Fuck being another Internet chump

Instead I’m gonna piss in the fountain of a youth gone mad

Molded by commercial full on fuckery

Forgotten of those creatives who built this culture

Built this art world on raw emotions and untouched ideas

Painters and writers who voiced a generation of action

Of considerate contribution to the world

To relate and create beyond a beautiful face

But from the depths of an ugly fucking soul


Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator