Drunk Again

Drunk with a lazy air of joy
The warmth of whiskey
And the strength of his arms
They cover my body in contradiction
Indulging in the security of his touch
While drinking from a trickster's cup
Am I lost or Am I Wandering?
Only in mind do I feel mislead
In the seconds that I breathe
I feel truest, without lies
When I lay my head down
I know nothing
I know no meaning of my feelings

I know just one thing
I simply am alive IN THE MOMENT
Existence in a palatial place
Of elusive content
I crave simple satisfaction
Yet laugh at common living
For my womanhood is not hidden

The chrysanthemum cries colors of life
And so I walk gracefully
Propped with an invisible crown

Proud to be a lady and a freak
I talk with fearless ease
A transparent purse of liveliness

Boss like tendencies over my shoulders
There is no time for true or false
Meanings are so broad
And I am so busy


Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator