Feelings OF Disgust

Disgust is all you should feel


Disgusted by the people with malicious intent


Disgust for the youth’s unfortunate mislead


Disgust for the government that steals from its people


Disgusted by the lack of decent human care


Disgusting videos slaughtered on Facebook


Disgusted by hungry need for photoshop apps


Disgust for the folks throwing careless money to careless money


Disgust for the kids starving with no help


Disgust is what you need to feel


Disgusting displays of police abuse and crime


Disgusting housing for outrageous prices


Disgusting systems forcing disgusting actions of innocent people


Disgusted by the threat to freedom of press and speech


Disgusting dirty men devaluing the vessel of life that is the woman


Disgust for the endless discrimination and profiling of people


Disgust for the complete ignoring of our constitution


Disgust for the lie that is the constitution


Disgust is a good feeling for you to feel

Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator