Happy Endings

It was Happy Endings on Forsyth

We got drunk there ever Tuesday night

One hour open bars

You had to strategize to get good off of

Endless runs up and down the stairs

Pause the dance floor

We like to stand outside

Outside this side street

No matter the brisk of the wind

No jackets in hand

We talk small shit and laugh new shit

Cop hug love and eye poppers

We take drags and bust downs

Snuck in liquor to the head

It was stashed in someone’s pant waist

Crotch love

Lots of crotch love

Some nights we fight

Some nights we climb on top of cars

And find dark stoops to be bad on

To roll up on, cuff up on or pee

But back inside we warm up

We sweat til the very end

Sitting on laps and having play fights

In a room of white tiles and red lights

We make friends and renew them

Avoid enemies with the swing of a hip

Hips swinging everywhere

Hips swinging every freaking where

Arms crossed over

Someone else’s shoulder

Embraced in the times

Singing dope lullabies

But then the music slows down

And we all find our jackets

Hope to God our wallets are still there

And then kisses good night all around

We walk to our train stops home

Or split cab with whoever’s near

And hope we make it to our own stoops

Before the sun beats us there


Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator