Kendrick Lamar

Article: Interview

Publication: 21-7 Magazine

Publishing Date: January 2012



Sometimes when you love an artist and their music so much, you worry there’s no way they'd be that dope in real life. Well, Kendrick Lamar actually is that dope in real life. His music and his state of mind are completely one. When Kendrick invited me over to the studio, I was excited to feel how his lyrical energy would translate. And let me tell you, conversation flowed as easy as his rhymes do. We discussed everything under the sun, from being crowned King of the West by Snoop Dogg, his Black Hippy movement, talks with Mos Def and Dr. Dre, and goals he’s still trying to reach. But of all I’ve learned about the California native, what stuck with me the most is his modesty and humbleness.


So what’s next for this Compton creative? Lamar says his debut album has a concept he’s been working on his whole life. “I’m gonna really tell the story of how a good kid was in a bad state… I held a lot of things back in interviews and in my music because I want to share it on a bigger scale.” So besides sweet stories told in song, Kendrick tells us; “It’s only gonna get better, I’m putting that in the universe right now.” And I think we all hear him loud and clear.


Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator