Lessons Of Our OWn

I wonder how many of our lessons should stem from our own mistakes and how many should stem from the mistakes of others. You can get the smartest advice according to your previous mistakes, loss of those you know, and trials of the past.


But how do you know the same lessons stand for you unless you try them yourself?


Should we leave ourselves constantly wondering 'what if?'

Wondering if you could of been the cosmic chance? The rare scenario? Your fate?


Or should you save yourself the waste of disappointment?


Or is disappointment even a waste?


Sometimes I think my mistakes have been the best things to have happen to me. The builds of my character, the muscles of my strength, and the glide of my step. Hard things and right things have often been one in the same. Lost and gain guiding you through life.


Should we allow ourselves to simply indulge?


Risk whatever consequences might follow these impulsive, romantic, noble, just feelings?


Or should we shy away in fear, away from our hearts?


These choices may just be our destiny manifesting beyond our understanding.

Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator