Life Ruiner

She burned me

Branded me a Life Ruiner

But she ruined the shit out of everything

She gave me forever

And then ripped forever away

We held hands

Laughed at the walls

Loved even the floors

It filled our beings with hope

But there was something about that time

When the world was picking up speed

We were walking on air

While everyone was running on concrete

But we stayed in our dreams

Until our dreams changed rooms

Subconsciously skipping through doors all alone

We wandered a lot

But still we planned for the future

We never planned for a goodbye though

The domestic dispute creeping onto our fantasy

She was green

I was blue

We became so very purple

We beat it all with curse words

Wounded each other with anger

Immature insecure ignorance

She murdered me

I murdered her

We died that day

And thankfully so

There was a phoenix waiting to be born

We needed to rise from some ashes

And live new lives


For only ourselves to ruin

Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator