No Solace

You promised me a different life

You said we would be on our own

You said we would be thriving

Yet here we sit crying


You told me you were capable

You told me you were willing

You told me you could make it

Yet here we are, so naked


You said everything would be ok

You said we would be doing great

You said we would infuse

Yet here we are confused


You said you had a dream

You told me it would come true

You drew me a really pretty picture

Yet here we sit with a trickster


You took me on a ride of wonder

You never told me it would fail

You never told me we’d feel stuck

Yet here you scream, don’t give up


You beg me to have hope

You push me to keep going

You make another promise

Yet here we are, no solace 

Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator