Ruby  Redstone


Article: Features Editorial

Publication: JARS NYC

Publishing Date: July 2014



The sun will come out, but it's not waiting for tomorrow. And neither is Ruby Redstone. Between her eye capturing illustrations and awkwardly bright personality, she creates a sunshine all her own. And that's why we're calling her New York's little Orphan Annie. Though Ruby doesn't have a rich benefactor or a dog name Sandy, the 18yr old has been growing up on cobble stone heaven in Soho, NYC, has worked at one of the most prominent retailers in fashion and is already a world traveler, having studied abroad overseas. Currently she’s serving as a role model for kids at Camp Seafarer in NC and studying Art History in Scotland next semester. This unaware tastemaker has everything going for her, quietly taking in the surrounding cultures and modestly sprinkling star dust as she walks. I haven't even talked about her insanely creative sense of style yet. I mean shawty wore a sheer D&G dress with white stars on it, Nike blazers and a gold choker to her senior prom. So of course we had to head over to her natural habitat and play a game of dress up. We brought some fun things to mix with some of her fun things and well, magic happened. It's time we all sing and dance with Ruby; she's an open arms kind of girl.

Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator