“Clothes Have Feeling” - Sayoko Yamaguchi


Studying Fashion Merchandising under Human Ecology positioned my perspective on clothing from the root of basic living. Working in a variety of sectors, from Visual Creatives to Editorial Styling, developed my eye for selling a story through clothes. Fashion is a book filled with our love for culture and art, with our careers and our hobbies, with our spirit. It tells the stories of what we feel in special moments and it inspires us to move forward. I’m here to help you say exactly who you are, wherever you are going, whatever you want to do.  




Services Include:




Personal Shopping

Editorial Styling

Film and Music Video Styling

Stage Performances and Special Events

Bedroom Merchandising/Designing

Closest Cleaning/Evolving

Re-selling Vintage Items

Hunting For Specific Purchases

Travel Outfit Planning





*Rates and plans personalized through individual consultation


Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator