The Anti-Socialist


I really just want to hang out with my babes

The people you can get shit faced with and still be cute as fuck

Wild out at some nowhere bar to music you don’t give a shit about

Cracking cans and cracking jokes on fashion girls with their floppy hat looks

I don’t want to hang out at parties with people they told you were “it”

People who remind you of those hypnotized dolls in weird Jap pornos

Just fuck machines for a conformist culture

I don’t feel like having small talk today, darlings

I rather have drinks with the babes and hear intimate stories

Ideas and epiphanies, bullshit about dudes, part-time job angst

This is what I pledge to

Drunken nights of realness to its fucking fullest

Stoned times on stoned stoops

Smoking our adolescent minds away

Dreaming into the morning

Dragging our black boots and coffee cups into work the next day

Not giving a fuck about you or your weak crew

No cool guys, no models, just me and my babes


Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator