Styling & Creative Direction

Lee Armoogan

For Jars NYC, September 2014

Portraits by Jasmine Kim, Collage Film Photo by Woods

Ruby Redstone

For Jars NYC, Photo by Tyra Mitchell, August 2014

Jake & Joey Dupont

For photographer High It's Mikey, June 2014

Mika   Furuya

For photographer Matthew Comer, May 2014

Forfex  x  Opening Ceremony

Co-styling with Qiana Roberts, Photo by Melinda Griffith, September 2013

Imogen   Poots

For Bullett Magazine, Assistant Stylist to Jessica Bobince,

Photo by Charlie Engman, April 2013

Floral  Samurai

For Vogue Turkey, Second Assistant Stylist to Joanne Blades,

Photo by Sanchez & Mongiello, March 2013

American   Beauty

For Schon! Magazine, Assistant Stylist to Jesisca Bobince,

Photo by Naomi Yang, October 2012

Azealia  Banks  Cover  Story

For Dazed and Confused, Second Assistant Stylist to Karen Langley,

Photo by Sharif Hamza, August 2012

Little   Dragon  Cover  Story

For 21-7 Magazine, Creative Director, February 2011

Ricky  Hil

For 21-7 Magazine, Creative Director, January 2011

Big  Sean   Cover  Story

For 21-7 Magazine, Photo by Faith Mayan, Creative Director, December 2010

Alvina  Bokhari

For Sticks & Stones Agency, Photo by Delilah Jesinkey, March 2017

Cory Walker

For Drunk Magazine, Photo by Delilah Jesinkey, March 2017

Leslieann Elle Santiago

Stylist | Writer | Curator